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well-suited soils,

Particularly well-suited soils, alluvial,
gritty and sandy deposits, so rich in clay as to
require an extremely careful approach to cultivation:
this is Collelceto.

Elia manages to obtain the very best from these soils: balanced musts and very concentrated wines, suitable for long aging. The vineyards vary in altitude from 150 to 180 meters above sea level, protected to the north by tree-covered hills while, in the south-west, the valley opens up to the mistral winds, typical of the Maremma coast, guaranteeing constantly temperate conditions, essential to the prolonged, healthy ripening of the grapes.

Sangiovese Grosso in Collelceto.

The variability of the soils and different exposures of the vineyards convey great concentration to the grapes and a faithful expression of every vintage.

The area’s climate characteristics require careful thinning of the bunches and very attentive canopy management as the grapes ripen, to protect them against the intense sunlight and the winds that blow in from the sea along the Ombrone valley. Elia carries out these operations himself in the most traditional way, completely by hand.

Operazioni che Elia esegue personalmente nel modo più tradizionale, completamente a mano.